Wednesday, 14 February 2018

PTU Scrapkits!!!

You can now find some of my PTU kits at Mystical Scraps :)
I will be putting some PTU CU stuffies up soon too!

Below are the previews of kits that are now available in store!!!

Check them out HERE

Thank you for looking,


Monday, 12 February 2018

Cluster frames by Bekki.

Bekki aka Neptunia Designs created 2 awesome cluster frames with my FTU kits.
You can find her blog HERE 
1st cluster frame was made using my Dark Light 2 kit ;)
Hope you don't mind me posting the previews Bekki!
You can download this cluster from her blog right HERE

2nd cluster frame from Bekki was made using my Secrets kit :)
 You can download this cluster from blog right HERE

Thank you for showing me and sharing with us all your creations Bekki :)

I love seeing everyones creations and showing them off! keep them coming!!!!!!!


Sunday, 4 February 2018

Tut and cluster frame show off!!!

Im showing off an awesome cluster frame by Melissa aka Unique Styles. You can find her blog HERE
This was made with my 'Dark Light 2' FTU kit.
Check it out HERE, and don't forget to show your appreciation if you snag ;)

Melissa also wrote a tut with my 'Dark and Tempting' FTU kit.
You can find her tutorial HERE

Thank you for looking :)


CU Freebies...

I have some commercial use freebies for you all and all in time for love day lol

-CU Winged Heart Element-
Download HERE

-CU Heart Doodles-
 Download HERE

-CU Rose Element-
Download HERE

-CU Heart Papers-
Download HERE


Scrap Kits Terms Of Use

-The Terms Of Use For My Scrap Kits-

>>PTU Scrapkit TOU and FTU scrapkit TOU<<

NO sharing of files. Just because you purchased/downloaded them does not mean you can do whatever you want with it!

This product is for personal use only. It may not be reproduced, sold, or redistributed in any way, its an act of piracy if you do.
If you see my PTU kits for download anywhere other than the stores i sell at
or my FTU kits anywhere other than my blog, please let me know,
thank you.

You can NOT profit from the contents of any of my kits either; (Example) You may NOT make things such as blog layouts,
stats, blinkies, websets etc and sell them.
Any profiting with any of the contents of any of my PTU or FTU scrapkits is strictly forbidden!
You are allowed to make blog layouts and blinkies for personal use and for non profit.

You are not allowed by any means to use my kits in the creation of you store layouts either.

You may make a backup copy for your personal use.

Please Feel free to modify images in size (down size only) & color as necessary for signature tags and snag tags.

You may create tag tutorials with my kits as long as you direct people to where they can download or purchase my kits.

You may make cluster frames to share for non profit and i must be credited. Please provide my blog address in your post also. Thank you.

Please don't take apart the scrap kits and change my elements so that they are unrecognizable as my creations,
and please never claim any elements from my kits as your own.

Never modify my kit contents and add them to your own kits, this is just plain rude and its also an act of piracy! You will be named and shamed!

Credit is not required when used with another artists image etc on your tags, but scraps by Chaos Priestess on your tags is always welcomed and appreciated.
If the kit is used on it's OWN for e.g. Incredimail stationary, blog lo, cluster frames etc then I do require credit: Scrap Kit by Chaos Priestess,
then the name of the kit, and then a link to the store you purchased it from or if it was a feebie, direct to my blog, thank you.

If you are ever unsure about anything, please don't hesitate to ask, and if you have a question that is not answered here, please email me or contact me on facebook.

On a final note, if you are caught breaking my TOU in anyway, you will named and shamed!
If you are caught breaking my TOU using my FTU kits, it may result in me no longer making them. Please think about everyone else too before you break it.
And please do not copy any part of my TOU for the creation of your own TOU.

Once again, thank you for your purchase/download, enjoy, and happy tagging or scrapbooking :)
With Regards,
Chaos Priestess


Saturday, 3 February 2018

Commercial Use Terms Of Use.

-My Commercial Use TOU-

All items in the stores i sell or i offer for free on my blog are ©Chaos Priestess!
No sharing of files please, just because you downloaded/purchased it,
doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with it!
Have friends interested in my items?;
If it's a CU freebie, please direct people to my blog or provide a link to my blog. Under no circumstances are you allowed to directly link straight to my download/s.
If it's PTU and in any one of the stores in which i sell at, please direct people to where they can purchase them, Thank you.

You are permitted to use these items in the creations of your scrap kits, weather for free or PTU,
as they are or modified.
You may use them in the design creations/layouts of your personal web sites eg: stores, blogs etc as they are or modified.
You may use them for the creation of email stats as they are or modified.
You may use them for your scrapbooking needs as they are or modified and printing is allowed.
When using my items, Credit is required! please credit me in your TOU files or on your site, blog etc.

Please do not change original file names, rip apart, modify them and then claim my creations as your own!
Please do not share these with family and friends in any way shape or form!

You are also NOT permitted to create anything using these digital products for resale as a commercial use digital file!
My items are NOT CU for CU unless stated they are!

You MAY make a backup copy for your personal use only.

If you have a question regarding my CU items, and they are not answered here in my TOU please contact me ;)

Thanking you, and enjoiy!

Chaos Priestess.

Monday, 29 January 2018

New tuts by others...

Some new tutorials sent to me by other, which are awesome.....So please check them out!!!

Tutorial by Gail aka Gwils Creations, Check out her blog HERE
  Secrets Tutorial using my newest FTU kit can be found HERE

Tutorial by Franci Schmidt aka Froschi's Tutorials, You can find her and all her creations HERE
Stormy Tutorial using my Stormy FTU kit. You can find that HERE
Franci has also made an cluster frame using my FTU kit Waiting Game. 

Thanking you both for using my kits :)